Broxmouth Courtyard


March 2023

Broxmouth Courtyard is a marvellous venue full of historic character and rustic charm. And lots of natural light! The wonderful Eden range was chosen by our Brides for the venue. We also designed bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, and matching buttonholes and corsages for the bridal party.



The Eden Range complemented the venue brilliantly. The wonderful lush green foliage, large flowers and elegant golden arch gave a contemporary look amongst the rustic blonde stone of the venue. The arch was particularly lovely in place with its white chiffon draping creating a magical feeling as the light shone through onto the Brides as they said their vows.


Bouquets & Buttonholes

The Brides chose our abundant garden bouquets full of white florals and lush green foliage that also matched the Eden florals nicely. They asked to incorporate the bridal party colours too which were grey and navy. To achieve that we used a mix of blue-tone florals with grey berries to tie them in well with their colour scheme.