City Chambers


November 2023

The City Chambers in Glasgow is a grand and imposing building itself, and the Satinwood Suite ceremony room is no less imposing. Decorated with now extinct Australian satinwood, the room also has a striking alabaster fireplace as a main feature of the room.



For this wedding, the Bride and Groom wanted a minimal style to their décor to work with the room’s grandeur rather than fight against it. They opted for a minimal décor look, with LED candles framing the aisle and clear plinths allowing the room’s natural light to continue unblocked, but still creating a lovely entrance to the aisle for the bride. Gold stands were chosen for the top of the ghost plinths as they complemented the colours of the room, pairing well with the red shades and brown wooden tones. Lovely, lush flowerballs were used on top of the gold stands, and a gorgeous garland for the signing table.