5 Steps To Help Choose Your Wedding Colours

Choosing a wedding colour scheme can be daunting. It’s such an important step as everything is centred around it – wedding décor, bouquets, stationery and bridesmaid dresses will all be influenced by the colour scheme. There’s so many factors to consider and once you’ve chosen your colours and start investing time and money into your wedding it can be difficult to change things. For this reason, as soon as you’ve set your date start thinking about your colour palette. Think about the season, location, your theme and once you’ve considered these and chosen your wedding colours we assure you everything else will start falling into place. To make it even easier we’ve come up with some simple steps to help you choose!


When we’re talking about theme we mean your wedding style. What kind of overall look are you going for? To give you some examples, when we think about a classic theme the colours that spring to mind are a lot of whites, ivory, pops of green foliage or soft blue with perhaps some accent metallic shades of silver. You wouldn’t associate bright shades of blue or yellow with a classic wedding theme so knowing your theme will definitely help with this process. It’s good to visualise this so something we’d definitely recommend is setting up a pinterest board. This will help you pinpoint what exactly it is that you like and dislike and will make the process of choosing your wedding colours a lot easier.


Weddings are such an emotional investment so often we can have an emotional tie to a venue. Perhaps it’s somewhere special to you and your partner and this can sway your decision into choosing it. Something to consider though is the colour scheme and overall style of your venue as this may actually dictate your colour scheme. For example, a barn with a lot brown and neutral tones and fairy lights lends itself to a beautiful rustic themed wedding which would be complimented with moody tones such as rust, red and dark green rather than pastel pinks and lilac. Similarly if your venue has an accent wall such as red you’d want to bring some reds and complimentary shades into your colour scheme to really tie in with this.


An important thing to consider and something that is often overlooked is this! What colours flatter you? Don’t be worried about sounding selfish. You’ll be looking back at your wedding photographs in years to come and don’t want to have any regrets that you chose colours that didn’t compliment you or anyone in your bridal party. It’s likely you’ll be incorporating at least one of your chosen colours into your flower arrangements and will be standing beside these so do bear this in mind. If you have bridesmaids or groomsmen who will also be wearing one of your chosen shades do consider this also and perhaps think about shades that are universally flattering rather than for example, a very bright pink that might only look good on one or two people.


The great thing about hiring artificial flowers for your wedding is that you don’t have to be limited by choosing seasonal blooms so you can have whatever you want! However, it’s always good to consider the season. If you’re getting married during the festive period and want cherry blossom branches as part of your decor, go for it. Don’t let the season limit your choices. However, if your venue will have some Christmas trees dotted around the venue it’s perhaps better to steer clear of blossoms and incorporate some festive shades such as pops of red.


There will always be a new wedding colour palette trend that will appear every year. Our advice is to stay away from them unless you truly love them. As we’ve said above, your wedding day is an investment so there’s no point choosing something just because it might be in fashion at the time. In years to come you’ll be looking back at your wedding photographs and don’t want to have any regrets.


And lastly, remember that we are here to help. If you do decide to book your floral wedding décor with Silk Blossom & Co do ask us for help if you’re struggling with your colour palette. We’re more than happy to advise on what florals will look great in your chosen venue!