Why Choose Artificial Silk Flowers?

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post it’s likely you’re considering having artificial silk flowers for your wedding décor rather than fresh florals. But why choose artificial over fresh? This is the question many couples ask themselves when planning their wedding and today we’re here to share a handful of those reasons…


One of the main concerns for couples when choosing whether or not to hire silk flowers over fresh flowers is quality. Let me put your mind at ease. Artificial flowers have advanced so much over the years that they now look better than ever and are often mistaken for the real thing. As long as you do your due diligence on the company providing your flowers and ensure they provide luxury silk flowers then you have nothing to worry about. Often you’ll find that florists who specialise in luxury artificial flowers have a passion for all flowers and if they are anything like Silk Blossom & Co they’ll spend a lot of time researching and hand selecting the best faux flowers based on how realistic they look.


One of the best reasons for choosing silk flowers is that they are hypoallergenic. Do you or someone in your bridal party have hay fever allergies? No need to worry. Any hay fever suffer – ahem, myself included – will tell you that there’s only so much antihistamines can do if you suffer from this pesky allergy. It’s not ideal when there’s a lot of photographs planned and your eyes wont stop streaming and you have sniffles followed by a sneezing fit! If allergies are a worry trust us and opt for faux flowers.


As a supplier of faux flowers trust me when I say we love all flowers. However, fresh flowers are hard work when it comes to maintenance. Speaking from a supplier point of view, not only are they difficult to care for but they can be unpredictable, a bit like the weather! I’ll give you an example. Not all fresh flowers hold up well in sunshine or humidity. If in the lucky event it turns out to be a scorching hot day on your wedding day there is the risk that some of your beautiful fresh flowers will end up drooping and not looking their best. Some of the culprits turn out to be amongst the most popular wedding flowers too – hydrangea, peonies and anemones. If you’re getting married in the Summer months your florist will advise you on this but nobody has control over the weather and well, Scotland is pretty unpredictable. You might also not want to forgo your favourite bloom either in which case artificial flowers is a fantastic option…plus you’ll have them forever.


This follows on nicely from our point above. If you have a favourite flower in mind which isn’t in season you might feel the need to settle for another flower type or bouquet style based on what’s readily available. Nobody wants to settle though, least of all on your wedding day. With silk flowers there’s no need to settle. If you choose a luxury silk florist then chances are they will already have a selection of the most popular wedding stems and can supply exactly what you want.


One of the largest benefits of choosing to hire artificial wedding flowers rather than buying fresh flowers is the cost benefit. Fresh flowers are expensive and they’re also time consuming to work with. Fresh flower florists will often have to do the full assembly of wedding arches and displays on site which means extra time and also extra costs for couples. You will also incur an extra charge for the florist having to strip wedding arch displays etc the following day. However when you hire artificial flowers your florist will be able to prepare a lot of the arches and displays in advance and they will be able to pass this cost saving onto couples. 

If you started off reading this blog post wondering whether you should choose artificial silk flowers then we hope this has helped! Ok we might be a tad biased but we really are just so passionate about our faux flowers. The only point we really can’t stress enough is to make sure you choose the correct silk flower supplier. Not all faux flowers are created equal. Here at Silk Blossom & Co we have done, and continue to do, countless hours of research to ensure we provide only the highest quality luxury artificial flowers, hand picking every stem. Rest assured you will never be left disappointed if you choose us!